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Catholic Investment Portfolio Excludes Abortion

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Nobody Profits from Killing the Unborn

“At this particular time, abortion has become the fundamental human rights issue for all men and women of good will. The duty to respect life in all its stages and especially in the womb is evident when one appreciates the unborn child’s membership in our human family, and the grave consequences of denying moral or legal status to any class of human beings because of their age or condition of dependency…”USCCB Investing Guidelines

Statue of Mary Holding Jesus Representing Pro-Life InvestingAll practicing Catholics know they cannot be Catholic and pro-choice. So why do so many donate money to pro-life organizations with one hand while investing in abortion providers with the other?

Whether we like it or not, many popular funds invest in companies directly opposed to the culture of life.

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Some people may claim they have competing interests and are making a prudential judgment. After all, we are called to be wise stewards of the gifts God has given us. It is easy to trivialize the evil an individual is responsible for by investing in companies promoting abortion.

The Catholic Church, however, is very clear on how the faithful should invest. The United States Council of Catholic Bishops has called for an “absolute exclusion of investment in companies whose activities include direct participation in or support of abortion.” Competing interests or not, Catholics cannot profit from abortion.

Catholic Investment Advisors Follow Bishops’ Guidelines

Obeying the Catholic Bishops’ investment guidelines can be very difficult for non-experts. The sheer number and scope of investment options available make investigating a portfolio hard enough. With the added moral element, a complication many non-Catholic fund managers may not understand, socially responsible investing can be almost impossible.

Fortunately, we have expert investment advisors who are also faithful Catholics.

With their expertise developed over years of experience managing investment funds, our advisors identify great opportunities for their portfolios. As practicing Catholics, they know which companies are worthy of investment and which are not.

With Summit Investments, your portfolio can be both pro-life and a good investment.

Summit Investments carefully researches companies before we invest in them. We take our faith seriously and will never compromise our Catholic values to make a quick buck at the expense of an innocent life.

Abortion-Free Investment Portfolio: Socially and Financially Responsible

What many people find most surprising about investment portfolios informed by Catholic social teaching is how profitable they can be. The advisors at Summit Investments have put together a portfolio which is in complete accord with the Bishops’ guidelines and it still outperforms the market average.

Socially responsible investing with Summit Investments is financially wise.

Human life is a precious gift from God. Defend the unborn by switching to a socially responsible investment portfolio informed by the Catholic Bishops’ guidelines. Your conscience and your wallet will thank you.

Contact Summit Investments to learn more about our Catholic investment portfolio excluding abortion providers.

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