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Catholic Index Investing: Passive Portfolio Management for Long Term Investors

Simple, Diversified Passive Index Portfolios Are an Easy Way to Invest

Passive Portfolio Investor Reading Business Section of NewspaperThe stock market has historically increased over the long run. The rate of return may fluctuate year over year, but, historically, the market provides a positive return over the long term. Simply being patient and resisting the urge to panic when the market fluctuates can be an excellent way to grow your investment portfolio.

Instead of trying to beat the market, our Catholic Index Portfolios aim to harness the market’s natural growth.

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Active investing can carry risks some investors are unwilling to take. The Catholic Values Index Portfolios are intended to provide a way for those investors who prefer passive investing to participate in the stock market. Index investing can be an excellent alternative to more aggressive active investment strategies.

How Catholic Passive Management Portfolios Are Created

Just like our actively managed portfolios, Summit’s Catholic index funds adhere to the USCCB’s guidelines. We strictly filter out any and all companies that are engaged in morally objectionable practices. The remaining stocks are then sorted by market cap.

Catholic passively managed portfolios are constructed from the 120 largest companies in each of the three categories: large, mid, and small capitalization.

No attempt is made to select companies on any basis other than market cap size. The goal of a passive index fund is to mirror the overall performance of the market. Any further human input in selecting the equities in the portfolio would defeat the purpose of passive investing. Our portfolios are weighted by market cap and rebalanced as needed but at least twice annually. Otherwise, they are left alone to follow the course of the market in general.

Your Passive Portfolio Will Never Include Companies Involved in the Following:

Three Passive Portfolios to Choose from, All USCCB Compliant

Stack of Coins Representing Return from Passive Investing StrategyBecause we screen all equities according to the USCCB’s guidelines, investors can pick a market capitalization to index with no moral qualms. Small, mid or large cap, all three of our index portfolios are completely in line with Catholic moral teaching.

Get dividend- and growth-oriented equities in one passive investment.

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At any given time, the 120 largest companies in a market capitalization sector will contain a wide mix of businesses. Some will have solid growth potential while others provide great dividends. With a passive index fund, investors get a mix of the two without having to pick individual stocks. Whether you’re new to investing, want to harness the power of the market overall or would rather stop actively managing your investment funds, passive investment funds are an attractive investing option.

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Summit does not guarantee future performance and all investing includes the risk of loss.