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Capital Appreciation Portfolios for Catholic Investors

Chancel of Catholic Church Standing for Growth of Catholic Investment FundsUS Conference of Catholic Bishops Guided Portfolios for Social Investing

The Catholic Values portfolios are the result of extensive research into what makes up winning stock investments. We have done in depth research and testing on the variables that singly and in combination can produce superior investment performance. Each portfolio is built on a series of rules that were developed based on this knowledge to allow us to form portfolios for growing investment capital.

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Many Catholic investors feel torn when putting together a portfolio. Following the Bishops’ guidelines can be tough and the temptation to invest for maximum profit regardless of morality can be strong. Fortunately for Catholic investors, the Catholic Values portfolios have historically offered competitive returns without compromising on morals.

Rules Based, Passive and Active Investment Portfolios for Catholics

Every Catholic Values portfolio is created using stringent criteria to eliminate emotional investing and human subjectivity. Across all portfolios, businesses that are engaged in morally objectionable activities are eliminated. A series of financial rules is then applied to select stocks that are intended to meet the stated design of the portfolio. These portfolios can then be used in combination or individually depending on the needs and desires of the investor.

A broadly diversified portfolio helps minimize risk from market fluctuations while offering a great opportunity for growth.

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Using our Catholic Values portfolios as building blocks, it is possible to assemble a well diversified portfolio. Whether the core portfolio is focused on dividends or rapidly growing companies, other stock portfolios can be added to that core to construct a tailored and nuanced whole.

Grow Your Capital without Investing in any Company that Engages in the Following:

Fully USCCB Compliant Portfolio: A Rare Find for Catholic Investors

If one wishes to invest in harmony with the dictates of Catholic teaching, there is no more well defined and visible guide than the guidelines established by unanimous approval of the US Conference of Catholic Bishops. Our Catholic Values portfolios have been designed to fit within this morally responsible investing framework. We created these portfolios to do two things: offer Catholic investors a morally upright portfolio and offer any investor, Catholic or not, an opportunity to earn a competitive return on investment.

The USCCB guidelines require investors to avoid evil and do good.

Florence Baptistry Representing Growth of Catholic InvestmentsTo be in full compliance with the investment guidelines laid down by the USCCB, Summit commits a portion of its management fees to fund advocacy efforts that fulfill the Bishops’ call to engage corporations to improve their performance on Catholic social issues. This is in addition to the standard practice of excluding companies that are involved in prohibited business activities. This is a more holistic approach to Catholic investments than other firms offer.

The Catholic Values portfolios enable you, the investor, to participate in the Bishops’ call to corporate advocacy.

This is accomplished on your behalf through the agency of our firm, Summit Investment Management. We employ a portion of our management fees to support the work of outside agencies that are actively lobbying companies to align with Catholic teaching on a variety of social issues.

Customizable Socially Responsible Investment Portfolios Available

Because we invest for our clients using separately managed accounts, we have the flexibility to add and remove individual equities at will. If a company we are currently invested in suddenly begins supporting morally evil actions, we can drop it from the portfolio quickly and easily. This allows us to stay on top of the rapidly changing corporate landscape, minimizing any exposure to our investors.

Unlike many others who offer only a “one size fits all” solution, we can tailor a morally responsible investing program designed to your own preferences.

The Bishops do not address some issues commonly thought of when considering morally responsible investing. Such things as alcohol, gambling, and conventional weapons are not proscribed by Catholic teaching, but many people of faith object to them nonetheless. The use of separately managed accounts makes it possible to individually specify and exclude these or any company from your investments, whether for moral or other reasons.

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Summit does not guarantee future performance and all investing includes the risk of loss.