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Donor Advised Funds

Summit Investment Management and its partners can organize, invest, and administer client charitable giving.
Setting up a Donor Advised Fund can provide immediate tax deductions while allowing donations to be delayed and spread over time. The Fund can be named after the donor or his family and donations from it may be made in the Fund’s name or anonymously if preferred. Successors may be named in case of death to continue the Fund or the entire amount can be disbursed as decided by the donor.

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Charitable Remainder Trusts provide income to the donor and tax benefits, with the balance going to the designated charity at death. When life insurance is included, the value of the fund may be passed on to the donor’s heirs.
Pooled Income Funds are relatively easy to organize and administer, provide tax benefits, income to the donor while living, and benefit the charity at the donor’s death.

Summit does not guarantee future performance and all investing includes the risk of loss.