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Independent Advisors: Offer Catholic Investment Strategies to Your Clients

USCCB Compliant Portfolios Are Available for Third Party Investment Advisors

Catholic Investor Praying Rosary to Find USCCB Compliant Investment AdvisorLike all of your clients, Catholic investors are looking for a good return on their investment. The process of selecting a good portfolio for a Catholic client is very similar to that of any other client. The biggest difference is being sure you have screened out any businesses engaged in activities that are offensive to Catholic moral teaching.

Don’t risk antagonizing a Catholic client with a poorly vetted portfolio, take advantage of our USCCB compliant options.

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The USCCB has laid out very clear guidelines for Catholic investors. Ensuring a portfolio does not violate these guidelines can be difficult. Thoroughly sifting through every equity to screen out those a Catholic should not invest in is a time consuming process. Instead of spending all that time and still not being 100% certain the portfolio will pass muster, become one of our third party investment advisors.

Give Catholic Clients the Portfolio They Want with Minimal Overhead

We understand that other financial advisors want to offer their Catholic clients a portfolio that fits their need. The only difficulty lies in making sure the investment strategy does not violate Catholic moral teaching. This is why we have extended our Catholic investing strategies to other financial advisors, Catholic or not.

You do not need to be Catholic to offer your clients USCCB compliant portfolios.

Whether you are Catholic yourself or not, our investment portfolios are available to you. We are interested in promoting authentic, Catholic investments and want our portfolios to be as widely available as possible. Our strategies even go beyond just excluding certain companies, we actively engage in advocacy work, as the USCCB guidelines dictate.

Getting started is very simple. We’ve done all the hard work of screening out the morally problematic equities and keep on top of developments. You can begin offering your clients our Catholic portfolios almost immediately and you don’t have to worry about staying abreast of changing corporate policies.

Three Simple Steps to Provide Catholic Portfolios to Your Clients

Access Summit’s Model Portfolios through Folio’s Free Model Manager Exchange

  • Open an Advisor Account

    Access to our products is available through Folio Institutional’s Model Manager Exchange. Contact Summit at 800-518-0945 to get started.

  • Complete a Billing Agreement

    Contact Summit to obtain a 3rd Party Money Management Billing Agreement. The completed Agreement is submitted to Folio. Your clients can now access Summit’s portfolio models.

  • Fund Your Clients’ Folio Accounts

    Transfer the appropriate amounts to Folio as custodian. Then subscribe the accounts to the Summit portfolio models that you have selected for them. That’s it!

Your Clients Can Invest with Confidence Knowing Their Money Will Not Support the Following:

Grow Your Client Base by Meeting the Needs of Local Catholics

Third Party Advisor Showing Catholic Client Benefits of USCCB Compliant PortfolioAdding a Catholic Values Separately Managed Account to your product offerings is easy and free. Research has shown that investor interest in socially responsible investing is continually growing. Summit’s Catholic Values portfolios allow Catholics to follow the tenets of responsible investing put forth by the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops in their Investment Guidelines.

No matter where you are in the US, there are faithful Catholics nearby who want a USCCB compliant portfolio.

If you need help or have questions about how you can become a third party Catholic investment advisor, we’re here for you. Nothing would make us happier than knowing our fellow Catholics are investing their money in faithful adherence to the bishops’ guidelines.

Contact our financial advisors to learn more about becoming a third party Catholic investment advisor.
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