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Dividend Focused Funds for Catholics

The “Boring” Way to Build Wealth with a Clear Conscience: Dividend Investing

Smart Beta Dividend Fund Symbolized by Catholic CathedralWe’ll admit it. Very few things are as exciting as getting in on a moonshot stock and realizing a massive short term investment win. Buying a stock to collect a dividend can feel fairly dull by comparison. As Catholics, though, we are called to be wise stewards of the goods God has given us. Endlessly chasing big, short term successes can lead to long term financial disappointment or even disaster.

Long term investments for dividends are a surprisingly effective way to build wealth.

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Instead of trying to find the next “big one,” our dividend portfolio investing strategies aim to buy equities that have higher than average dividends. The companies in the portfolios are often common household names that most Americans recognize. These stocks offer both a solid base for quietly increasing overall portfolio value and larger than average dividends for either reinvestment or as a source of income.

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Smart Beta Dividend Investing in Line with the USCCB Guidelines

Investment Portfolio DividendsSummit’s dividend focused portfolios are rules based, Smart Beta funds fully compliant with the USCCB’s investment guidelines. We begin with a list of 5,000 companies and filter them through the USCCB’s guidelines to remove any companies that are morally objectionable.

Once we have limited our choices to only morally upright options, our financial rules take over.

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We run the companies through a series of rules until we are left with stocks that appear attractive on various measures. These rules eliminate emotion from stock selection and may help protect the portfolio in case of a sudden downturn. The result is portfolios that are made up of strong, high-dividend yield stocks that do not violate Catholic moral teaching.

Dividend Investing Takes Time. Stop Waiting. Start Investing.

One very important thing to remember about our dividend yield portfolios is that they usually take time to begin producing large monthly dividends. You’ve waited long enough. Start down the path to living off your investment portfolio with a socially responsible dividend focused fund.

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Summit does not guarantee future performance and all investing includes the risk of loss.