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Investment Fund Management for Catholic Institutions

USCCB Compliant Portfolios Help Catholic Organizations Stay True to their Mission

Investment Portfolio Management for Catholic Charitable Endowment Represented by Stained Glass Image of Jesus TeachingLike any other institution, Catholic organizations need to invest. These institutions must have an investment strategy to ensure long term solvency and growth. Unfortunately, many secular portfolios include equities that run counter to the organization’s core mission. It would not be surprising to find a Catholic hospital that is unwittingly supporting abortion through its investments.

Catholic organizations can be sure their portfolio is in line with their beliefs by investing with us.

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Summit thoroughly screens all equities to weed out any that do not meet the USCCB guidelines for socially responsible investing. Excluding companies that engage in morally evil actions is just part of how we help Catholic organizations stay faithful to Church teaching. We also engage in advocacy work to change corporate culture directly. Your organization can be sure it is not involved in evil and is actively promoting good by letting Summit manage its investment funds.

Morally Upright and Financially Sound, Our Investing Strategies Are the Right Choice

Organizations have a responsibility to invest wisely. It would be a financial mistake to invest in a portfolio that did not offer a good return. Without the right financial plan in place, the future of the organization may be in jeopardy. Fortunately, our portfolios have a track record of investing success while remaining faithful to Catholic moral teaching.

Our growth oriented strategy has performed as well as or better than many secular investment programs.

These financial successes go hand in hand with ethically navigating the marketplace through socially responsible investments. By investing with Summit, Catholic institutions will get a USCCB compliant portfolio that has historically provided great gains. There is no better way to stay on-track financially and obey the Church’s teaching than with Summit.

Your Investment Portfolio Will Support Your Organizational Objectives by Scrupulously Avoiding Companies that Engage in the Following:

From Growing Catholic Hospitals to Funding University Pension Plans, Our Advisors Can Help

Institutions, like individuals, need to have a financial plan to ensure future stability. Regardless of your organization’s mission, you need money to carry out your core activities. Our Catholic investment options allow you to fund current and future programs, foster new membership growth and afford future expansion projects.

Catholic institutions can grow their capital without violating their conscience.

Catholic University Building Symbolizing Need for Faithful Portfolio ManagementEvery organization strives to make an impact and grow. With responsible investment management, institutions can ethically build the financial security necessary for achieving their goals. We work with organizations including:

  • Catholic Institutes and Orders
  • Catholic Healthcare Organizations
  • Catholic Educational Institutions
  • Charities, Foundations, and Endowments
  • And other Catholic Institutions

By pursuing Catholic investment strategies with us, our clients are free to achieve their goals. Their portfolios do not support activities the Catholic faith forbids and the world benefits from proactive advocacy to promote the good. Let Summit help you achieve the financial stability your organization requires while faithfully adhering to the USCCB investment guidelines.

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Summit does not guarantee future performance and all investing includes the risk of loss.