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Investment Portfolios For Catholic Dioceses

American Catholic Bishops Can Set a Good Financial Example for Their Flocks

Catholic Priest Sitting in ChoirThe USCCB laid out guidelines for faithful Catholics to be good stewards of their financial resources. As the leaders of their dioceses, local bishops can easily assure that the funds under their control are invested appropriately by adhering to the Guidelines.

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Summit’s USCCB compliant investment portfolios are available for Catholic dioceses and diocesan organizations.

Any diocese in the United States can invest with Summit to have a portfolio in accordance with the USCCB’s guidelines. This approach allows dioceses to maintain priest retirement funds and achieve other financial objectives without supporting corporations whose activities run counter to the Gospel and contradict Catholic values.

Avoid Supporting Morally Wrong Activities by Investing with Summit

Building a strong investment portfolio is hard enough. Making sure the portfolio follows the USCCB’s guidelines adds another layer of complexity. Many financial advisors simply do not understand the guidelines and may have a hard time selecting a portfolio that follows them. Instead of wasting resources vetting portfolios internally or blindly trusting your financial advisors, let Summit’s financial advisors handle it for you.

We have associates tasked specifically with filtering out all businesses that do not meet the USCCB’s requirements.

Besides screening every potential investment in multiple ways, we have contacts within the socially responsible investing community to ensure we are up to date on any recent changes.

Set the Right Example by Ensuring the Diocese Does Not Support the Following with Its Investments:

Catholic Bishop Representing Investing in Accord with the USCCB GuidelinesDiocesan Investment Portfolios Can Make a Difference with our Advocacy Initiatives

Simply avoiding sinful investments is not enough. All Catholics are called to be a light to the world and spread the Gospel. Answering this call, Summit donates a portion of its management fees to actively lobby businesses to change corporate policies, bringing them in line with Catholic moral teaching.

As a direct result of our advocacy work, major corporations have stopped buying from sources using child labor.

Not only will your investment dollars not support morally wrong activities like abortion, contraception and gender or racial discrimination, they will actually help stop them. Lead your flock with your example by investing diocesan funds in accord with the USCCB’s guidelines.

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